We make games, but not only!

As passionate gamers and industry professionals, we prepare a wide range of projects: board games of all kinds, video games on all platforms, with audio, video and literary fictions!
Our ambition is colossal and we want to share it with the community, the productions under our license will be a pledge of quality and will always be on the side of gamers and fans, never on the side of malicious marketing!


Universal Legends is a science fiction license, which takes place in 4101 of the human calendar. Far from our planet Earth, most of the action will take place in an area of space filled with diverse worlds and populated by numerous intelligent species that federate, betray, fight and unite, where humans have recently made their mark.
The theme of the license is the Legend, and each project deals in its own way with one or more legends that have a real impact on the universe.

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Cryptocurrency and NFTs are now powerful and essential tools in creating a universe like ours. We are used to it but we know that not everyone is. As gamers or casual users, crypto can be off-putting, which is why we want to create our own, one that is healthy and well-intentioned:

  1. Our system is, and always will be, for the benefit of users, our community must come first.
  2. Our products use cryptocurrencies and NFTs, but there is no need to know about them to play!
  3. Our projects will be Play-to-Earn based, even physical products like board games!
  4. Our approach with crypto-currencies and NFTs will be educational and will smoothly guide those who want to understand their mechanics.

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